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Whatever tomorrow brings...

...I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes

9 November 1985
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+ An English and Creative Arts graduate now working as a journalist
+ I like creative writing, reading, most types of music and far too many films to mention
+ My drink of choice is Baileys with ice
+ Favourite Author - Alex Garland
+ I am a little too in love with Disney for a person of my age

This year, I am participating in Nano WriMo - wish me luck, I shall keep you all updated with my progress! See loulanovella for any interesting updates on how that's going!

I am more interesting than small boxes of information like this let on...
60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, alex garland, alex kidd, angels, art, badminton, baileys, bees, being happy, bill bailey, black adder, books, bouncing, buffy, bunnies, cats, cecilia ahern, characters, chicago, chocolat, chocolate, cinema, city of god, coupling, creative writing, creativity, cuddles, dancing, dave the laugh, david bowie, delicatessen, disney, dogma, donkey konga, donnie darko, drag queens, drawing, easels, emo, fairies, fancy dress, father ted, film making, finding nemo, foo fighters, fountains, fresh air, friends, garden centres, georgia nicolson, gerbils, ghosts, gone in 60 seconds, guinea pigs, guy pearce, happiness of the katakuris, harry potter, having money, horoscopes, incubus, independence day, indie, jonathan creek, la haine, labyrinth, laughing, lee evans, looniness, louise rennison, lyrics, mario kart, moulin rouge, movie soundtracks, movies, murder most horrid, music, my bed, new found glory, pagodas, painting, parties, perfection, peter kay, peter pan, pingu, pirate ships, poetry, portsmouth uni, priscilla, pulp fiction, punk, quizzes, rabbits, randomness, reading, red dwarf, reservoir dogs, resident evil, roald dahl, rock, romeo and juliet, sabrina the teenage witch, scenery, school of rock, screenplays, script writing, se7en, sex gods, shrek 2, ska, skater boys, sleep, sleeping, snow, stand by me, strawberries, streets of rage, streets of rage 2, sunshine, tarantino, television, the beach, the beatles, the brittas empire, the countryside, the crow, the da vinci code, the goblin king, the internet, the lovely bones, the piano, the rocky horror show, the rules of attraction, the sea, the titanic, the vicar of dibley, the wicker man, the zoo, theme parks, toasted sandwiches, trainspotting, travelling, trees, trivia, tru calling, true romance, writing